Let’s talk KRATOM for withdrawls.. thoughts?

Hey! So I want to hop on quick and see if any of u have tried kratom for for withdrawls this includes PAW ALSO… has it helped ? Thanks

Personally I would avoid it at all costs as you will eventually have to withdraw from the kratom. Your better sound ac rapid bupernorphrine taper. That’s all I’m say on the matter, kratom is a touchy subject on here and do your really want to use an unregulated substance that there is very little known about to get clean? I know that I don’t and wouldn’t.
I wish you well though.! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Dont start using it. I didnt know much about it and a friend told me about it when I went on probation and had to quit everything. I only used it once a day but that quickly changed. I’d do pills and then NEED it for withdrawal. After quitting drinking and pills this time around it took a long time to finally taper down the kratom. It’s just like an opiate and you will withdraw from it 100%. Not fun. Maybe ask a doctor for a different approach if you want withdrawal relief for a long term solution.


We had a young cop, who overdosed on kratom here in my town. They said he used it to help with his lifting, it’s to bad idk what the stuff is, but I know it can’t be to good if he overdosed off it


Holy shit !

Thank you !

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Are you coming off of opiates or pain pills or something? :slightly_smiling_face: