Let the sabotage begin

Day 26
Husband finally noticed I stopped drinking.
I am not an ‘announcer’ of intentions. Just a doer. And his own drinking, among other things, gets in the way of him noticing much about anyone other than himself.
So I’m going through emails at my desk this morning and he pulls open one of my desk drawers.
“Whatcha looking for?”
“Oh…it’s still there.”
“What is?”
“I bought you a bottle of wine last night.”

Can’t really pinpoint my feelings. Anger, confusion, disrespected, etc.

The last time I quit (got almost 2 years in) he told me right away, straight out that quitting drinking forever was “f—ing stupid” and he pulled the same crap.

I just put the bottle (one of those single serving bottles… Well, single serving for people that aren’t me anyway) in his drawer and am carrying on with day 26.


Do your own thing! Don’t listen to the noise of the outside world, that gets me in trouble every time lol. Especially from those that aren’t on the same path I’m on. Proud of you, keep adding up the days! :heart:


Would it be possible for you to use that bottle as inspiration to stop? I’d be a bit ticked off about the situation and use it for fuel to fire up my resolve. Good luck to you. Remember this is for you, its your decision and its your life. Make it count.


you could always pour out the bottle of wine stick some flowers in it and use it as a vase. turn a negative situation into something beautiful and positive