Lethargy when quitting alcohol

Did you get lethargy when you quit alcohol?

How long did it last?


I found i was really tired a lot for the first 4 weeks. Im coming to the end of week 5 now and today i feel lots better, but i did have 12 hours sleep last night😁

Omg Yes. I could not get out of my own way during the first month. And it was like my brain was wrapped in overactive twinkle lights. I started to feel better gradually, but did not notice a massive difference untill about 6 weeks after I stopped drinking.

Hang in there @Badger. It gets better. :grin:

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Tired but unable to sleep is how it was for me in the beginning. It will pass, things will balance out in all areas, give it time.

Everyone is different. Mine lasted through my initial withdrawal, which for me felt like a 3-day hangover. When I quit, there was a bunch of nervous energy that would build towards the time I usually took my first drink each day. I would pace around not knowing what to do.

I realized I had ritualized my first few drinks, and I needed a new ritual. I replaced it with a long walk, while listening to podcasts. It worked for me.

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Yes! If it were not for the nervous fidgets, I would not have been able to anything at all. Not that anything is quality came out of any projects that I did during the fidgets. I must have walked 10 miles a day the first few weeks. In cemeteries. (Oddly relaxing.) In the woods. On city streets. I would just wander. Amazing how 2 hours can fly when you are walking off anxious energy! And I would l literally listen to the same song over and over and over again on my walks. Looking back, it sounds crazy, but it worked for me. But I did it all lethargic. So strange.