I’ve lost everything I’ve had and I’ve been all over this country hiding from myself pretending to be sober… Everywhere I’ve been had drugs… The truth is there is no where to hide… And it took me to leave and come back to see it. I’ve been sober a month now but let’s Call this my day 1 cause I’m just realizing who I am for the first time in my life…


You may have lost everything you had, but you haven’t lost everything you are.
I’m glad you’re here with us and congratulations on making 30 days.
If you have more to share, please do.


Welcome here, hope to see you around. Being here realy helps!

Realizing who you are along the way is a gift of sobriety so definitely not your day 1 but a reward for for your work. Imagine the gifts and realizations continued soberiety could bring!