Life continues to kick my ass


Well here I am 21 day clean which is good. I started a new job on Monday. Lifes been great. Last night I wrecked my dirt bike and broke my kneecap in half and might have torn my mcl. On my way to see orthopedic surgeon now to see if surgery is required. The worst part is on my way home last night my motor seized on my bike. Its like everytime life seems good somethings gotta slap me back down.


Let’s try to flip this into some gratitude. Perspective is everything. First, you own a dirtbike. That’s awesome. I love riding. When I was in active addiction the only thing I owned was the clothes on my back, so in that case your doing alright. Second, you have the ability, and I’m assuming insurance, to go see a doctor. Something that I have learned not to take for granted. Access to healthcare is a truly beautiful thing.

So yeah, definitely not the optimal outcome you are facing. But also, some hidden blessings in there.


Sorry to hear about your accident , im afraid life is full of them and for guys like us with addictions it hits hard ,but as my late sponsor used to say do the right thing when your feel your up against it ,not the end of the world just another detour on your journey , wish you well keep on trucking


Let’s try to flip this into some gratitude.

This is it! Not only the key to long-lasting sobriety, but a really happy & peaceful life :heart:


I always know I’m on the right path when shit like this happens. So there ya go… :wink: Welcome to the right path :hugs:


You know that actually makes sense lmao thanks


Love this… Love it.

Find it a little creepy that you OBVIOUSLY have been talking to my sponsor (cuz it’s all about me lol)… But seriously… You nailed it


Thank you everyone y’all are awesome and today after thinking i might have lost the new job due to injuring my knee an even better job called and want to interview me tomorrow. Also the knees not as bas as originally thought still have a full leg brace for a couple weeks but I am thank full its not worse


This is just life testing you!
Take these as challenges and get some!


Dont Take any narcotic pain killers longer then a week or 2 or your gonna experience withdrawls… Seems like when lifes good always something throws a monkey wrench and nails u in the head. Just come back harder. Work on staying sober saving money and it will happen i promise…make that your goal after u recover…


Tell me that’s not god and you’re a liar.


I actually refused pain pills. With my history of drug use I didnt think pain pills where a good idea.


Sounds like you are being tested.
Be stronger than the evil inclination and you win no matter what the circumstances :grin:


That’s a solid sober thought right there.