Life is great at day 162!

It’s been 162 days since my last drink! I have had two joint replacements, pancreatitis twice, and lacerated my liver all from alcohol! I felt helpless and accepted that I was just going to drink myself to death but I’m actually doing it! Day 162 and I have money in my accounts, work is going fantastic (work hasn’t ever been an issue for me though, I unfortunately could hide the drinking well), I’m back in school after 10+ yrs, and most exciting of all…I bought my first motorcycle! It’s something I’ve always wanted and I did it! Sober life is kicking ass! Stay strong everybody! Things truly do get better…great even!


Banking our gratitude is a wise investment. Gratitude for sobriety itself will sustain us through material good times and down times. I use the good times to move quickly to a thought orientation of being grateful. When the difficult times, emotionally or spiritually, come, I’m better trained to recognize that the gift of my sobriety confers on me a faith that will carry me through.

Your 162 days are amazing! And that rush of good feeling, I found, mellows into a trust in my higher power. Blessings on your house :pray:.

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Can’t tell you what it means, to a person like me
You Are pushing the envelope!!!
Best of luck :sunglasses:

Really :heart:️ posts like these! Thank you for sharing!

Yessir. That’s the ticket. Keep trudging!

Just like @anon19498634 said, these are my fave posts.

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