Life on life's terms

Well I guess I’ve officially had a bad day in sobriety. Took my car to someone to have it repaired only to find out he couldn’t do it so I had to tow it to a shop and now have to wait and see how much this is going to cost me. Keep in mind I was able to drive it to this guys house. That’s what I get for trying to save money. On top of that I went to my storage unit today for the first time. I had to move out of my ex’s and some people moved my things for me while I was in rehab. Today I mustered up the courage to go there and found out she kept a lot of my stuff. I’m not willing to drink over this but I was doing a pretty good job of putting her in my past. Now I’m just pissed off all over again. Serves me right I guess. my whole life in a tiny storage unit. Fuck me!!! Sorry for bitching but I kinda needed to. Feel very alone and defeated right now.


I’m sorry you had a bad day. I don’t think sobriety had anything to do with that though. We just have bad days :frowning: When I have a day like that, I go to bed early and just pray that tomorrow will be better. Try to have a good evening and treat yourself well tonight :heart: Big hug :hugs:

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It’s just not worth the fight. She had another man moved in less than a month after we broke up. I just want to forget about her but today made that kinda hard

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