Life on the outside

Hey everybody :slight_smile: so my concerns today are how im going to be back out in public. I went straight from rehab back home and obviously i am staying put in order to stay healthy and keep my family healthy as well. Im starting to over tgink about dealing with my triggers once im back at work back in stores again and just being around people in general again. Trying hard to stay in the moment this morning but my mind is like a tornado. Any suggestions?


if possible use the situation to your advantage. Like working the steps or hook up on online meetings.
I found listening to Eckhart Tolle helps with my thoughts


Everything you learned in rehab too…
Change your mindset from you before rehab and you now.


Think of it as a blessing. You are safe at home, each sober day makes you stronger. Sober days make for clear thinking and reflections. Allows you to come up with a action plan incase you encounter triggers.

Hang in there


My advice is to focus on the fight in front of you, and not the fight next week, or next month. Worrying about the fights to come, won’t better prepare you to face them. Stay sober today, and draw strength from this victory. Then do it again tomorrow, and the day after. When the world opens back up, you can say, β€œI stayed sober through the lockdown, and all the anxiety that came with it. I can stay sober no matter where I am, and no matter who I am with.”