Life ring meeting


Went to my first life ring meeting tonight… Much more me than AA, that’s not to say AA doesn’t work! It just wasn’t for me… Met some lovely warm positive people in a really open comfy space. Looking forward to tomorrows meeting.
Has anyone else tried life ring?

Hope everyone’s doing well tonight :heart:


I am an AAer but I believe in using all resources available to me to maintain my sobriety. I wanted to try Life Ring but there are not many meetings in my area (only eight per week) and they are offered at inconvenient times and locations.


There’s not many meetings in my area at all and even fewer of life ring… It’s not big here at all but I’m willing to travel for a format that works for me ye know? It was started in California so i was hopin more people in the States had some input on it


There are 1200+ AA meetings per week in Denver. So I can find a meeting that works for me easily.


OK… That’s great for you… There’s probably a ton here in Dublin too. Not really the point of my post tho. But thanks for the reply I guess


So glad you found a safe, positive and comfortable place. I have never heard of Life Ring. Sounds like you have found something that will benefit you. Wishing you all the best on your journey :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:


Ive never heard of life ring. Can you tell me the difference between this and AA? AA isnt for me either.


It removes religion and politics and puts recovery in your hands not a higher powers… It was started in California, you should Google it sweetheart. I Relapsed after a year because I had no support, I had no support because I just didn’t like the AA approach…life ring was like sitting around with friends. Small group, no twelve steps. Iv only been to one meeting but im going back tomorrow and will update this post x


The point of my reply is that although I would like to attend a Life Ring meeting, too inconvenient when I have so many AA meetings available to me. Good luck.


But wouldn’t it be worth traveling a bit more out to get a different perspective on recovery?

Thank you, you too


Thats good and all but AA isnt for everyone.


I looked up lifering and none are in my state… Then i did a Google search for alternatives to aa and found Women for sobriety but i cannot find any locations. There are only 2 listed on Google maps for the us. Anyone ever tried wfs and know of a link to find their locations? I would like to try a different approach. Aa just doesnt mesh well with me.


That’s such a shame sweetheart, keep trying tho… There has to be something out there… I was lucky to come across it. Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:


I recently discovered a website and app called that have all kinds of virtual/face time style meetings and if the multitude of meetings WFS was one of them. There were meetings for stuff I never even heard of before. Anyway, I guess if anything recovery related happens in a room, they want to try and give it too you. Life Ring is new to me though. I’d Google it and try it out. You know, for science because I am perfectly pleased with AA but more people need to get out there and report back to us. Like foodcritics of sobriety programs.


Honestly, for me, no.


I genuinely don’t know what to say to you sweetheart so I’m just gonna leave it at that… Night


Oh my god, but can there be food too for real tho?!? :joy:


Right haha thats actually not a bad idea. I wish there was some kind of sobriety group review website. I will have to check that website out though


I really do think your support group makes or breaks your recovery. Everyone learns in a different way so why wouldn’t people recover in different ways. Like I said in my first post I’m not saying AA doesn’t work, it just wasn’t for me…