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Hiii friends I believe it’s been a while since I last checked in. But as of now it’s been one day at a time& as of right now I’m not working but praying soon enough that will change,but I’d like to think I’m further now than I started in my journey of recovery.

Today I felt like I crashed from exhaustion and I felt so tired I’m pretty sure I was gonna cry so I took a napp because I have been going a lot this past month pushing myself trying to keep up with bills which is getting better that and I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with anything I’m behind on and thankfully my husband helps me slow down and is supporting me through this moment as much as he can.

I’m getting married in November and planning to celebrate my recovery along with it so it will be alcohol free with the theme being 80’s and 90’s music and will be sure to update on how it goes :raised_hands:t6:
Anyways long winded rant I’m just grateful to be sober and to feel I’ve come further no matter what :pray:t6:


Super happy for you and your upcoming wedding! We keep moving forward and the promises do come true.


Thank you so much :smiling_face: I’m believing God is working i have no clue what but I’m trusting him :pray:t6:

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As long as we do our higher power’s will, we can’t go wrong. Hugs!

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Oh wow sounds like a busy time, slowing down and taking some naps sounds like a good shout!

80s and 90s sounds like an awesome wedding theme, the dance floor will be packed :partying_face::women_with_bunny_ears:

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Thanks for the update!! A nap and rest sound really positive for you and who doesn’t love a supportive husband to be!! I know you have been working hard on your bills. :heart: I hope the job situation turns around for you.

Love your wedding theme and excited for you!! Keep checking in!! :people_hugging:

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I saw this and thought of you, might be a nice gift for eachother

One Question a Day for Newlyweds: A Journal for the First Year of Marriage

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Thank you so much :smiling_face:

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