Life. What led me to drink

I came from a childhood where I was the baby of the family. My siblings were 8, and 12 years older than I. I basically grew up as an only child. My family at the age of 8 decided to move. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My parents were “Rich” from what I was told in elementary school. I didn’t see as that I just wanted to fit in. My parents decided to build a ginormous mansion. I had no idea that was the plan. I went on living a “normal” life. A few years went by I turned 12. That’s when my parents started to drink. That’s also when I started to act out. They would leave me alone for hours after school and I had no supervision. My siblings were far away. My brother always being in and out of rehab and my sister was always trying to be my mother instead of my sister. After the house was done being built we moved right in. I witnessed my father being “drunk” and physically abusive, and my mother being verbally abusive. At 14 I started smoking weed and drinking with friends. Hanging with older guys. I wanted to fit in. But mostly I just wanted someone to love me and to take me in. High school was a blur most of the time. I would sneak alcohol in water bottles , smoked before class and for some strange reason I still passed and graduated. From 18 until now there hadn’t been more than 1 week that I was sober. I am so glad I’m on this sober journey and so glad I have some kind of support on here. I would love to chat with y’all. I got sober from the help of my loving fiancé we have been together almost 6 years on the 23rd of March. He has been my biggest cheerleader. He is recently sober as well. We both found out we have messed up our livers and it was just time to make a change. I want to live. I deserve to live. I am going to make a difference.


Welcome, I am glad youre here with us! :heart:

Thank you !! I appreciate it

Fantastic x Im here due to binge drinking making a fool of myself saying things i shouldnt causing quite an impact on my marriage. Thank you for sharing your story the hardest time is the wkend for me Im on day 5 and last night said No thank you when asked did i want a bottle of wine. I suffer from Ptsd depression & anxiety mainly through the stillbirth of my second baby. The drinking makes it all 10 times worse. This time im determined to get the poision out of my life for good .

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You can do it !!!

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That was quite the story! Congrats on you and your fiance’s sobriety!

Welcome and Thank you for sharing :butterfly:

Thank you for sharing your story and best of luck in your sober journeys! :slight_smile:

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Thank you !!!