Life's coming together!

I’ve finally reached 6 months clean!!
It feels good. Life’s great, I have a badass job! I was able to pass a drug test which felt amazing.
I’m still attending meetings everyday, working my steps with my sponsor. Everything just feels amazing. I’m growing more relationships with people in recovery. Enjoying life. Everyday. I wouldn’t imagine life different. I’m content.


Congrats to you, job well done.

Wel done , be proud :rose:

Oh that’s so great! Your looking marvelously clean. You’re so freaking happy in this pic. Hopefully you’ll never need it but keep this pic in case that addictive tricky devilish brain comes a knocking. And see how happy you are. Good for you. Life really does come together when we let it.

Congrats!! I love your picture, you look so happy and proud!! :hugs:

Well done lady, you shine!! :star_struck: