Little help

I really want to meet people that can support me while I stop drinking. please reach out. Thank you.


i went to AA they supported me and gave me help its not for everyone but if you try a meeting it might help with your drink problem best of luck ,

Thanks. I have been to AA in the past but never for myself. I was going to alanon somewhat frequently and could start that back up again. I don’t trust the confidentially that is supposed to happen with AA. I appreciate the reply!

what’s the difference between alanon and AA? I haven’t heard of any alanon meetings where I am, just wondering what they are :blush:

They are for friends and family of those effected by alcoholism. both alcoholics and non-alcoholics attend.

ahh makes sense, thanks! We have something called Hetty’s in my area which is for family and friends affected by alcohol and drug abuse and (less so but also) for addicts.

Hi @kjm. Nice to hear from you. Even though it’s not down my alley,I would agree with @Ray_M_C_Laren,that could be a good resource for you. You seem kind of hesitant though, so a place like this can be helpful as well,plenty of experience and advice here. Also I have found many viewpoints based on moderation or not, styles and methods, beliefs, even the soft, moderate or tough approach to addiction. So there is a lot here to discuss with a lot of people a lot of ways. Hope you will find something that fits you.


I’m using this place for support for now, 9 days in. I have a lot of social anxiety so going to an AA meeting is very intimidating for me. I have a book that I like that deals with life and recovery,I am sure there are other books if that’s your thing. There are also many apps to download, even an AA one I was thinking about. There are plenty of people on here to talk with especially if you don’t want to bring the subject up in your life with people who may not understand.

At least you tried AA as i said it isnt for everyone ,theres a lot more programs available today to help! wish you well

I surfer from social anxiety too! It is the worst! I’ve been going to the gym that as social as I am at the moment. It’s awful, I did a gym class today so I could be more sociable. It helps doing something everyday that is abit out of your comfort zone. However the other night I couldn’t even go to the movies it was too daunting. I ended up going to dinner instead, but I was sweating the whole time. Too many people. Everyday is different.

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If you think a meeting would help, I know there are Non AA ones out there. I just started to go to something called SMART Recovery. I’ve only been once so far but I really liked it. Maybe try googling non AA support groups if you haven’t already.

I am just a private person with a not so private position in my career. if I could find something in the right location I think I would try. thank you for the feedback. I will look up SMART.

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I totally get that! ypu def have to do what works for you. Good luck! Just remember we’re all in this together!

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