Live the life you have imagined

At 25 days sober I can say I’m finally living the life I have imagined while I was drinking. I think for me I knew what I wanted to be doing, but alcohol controlled my life. I’m the husband, father and employee I imagined I could been when drinking. What are some things you all are doing now that you could only imagine before?


I exercise regularly with a wide variety of hobbies, I am much improved at work, I have bought my own house and furnished it, made friends and found forgiveness from those I hurt most, I have lost that anxious gripping feeling in my chest, I have become humble and accepting of others and my outlook on life is much more positive.

It’s all positives really.


I can do anything I want and don’t have to worry about when Ill be using again. If something comes up last minute, I can do it, and I don’t have to worry about if someone shows up at my house.
I love not worrying about my house smelling like weed. Sober life is great. Once I made it past the adjustment period it is so liberating.

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I have not called in once to my new job, I get up early and read my Bible every day, I am conscious about what I put in my body and eat healthy and on a regular basis.