Living My Life

I really don’t know how I got to day 3 without much effort. I think the key really to live our lives rather than trying to build one out of stones of our mistakes. When I put my focus on just being in the moment I hardly thought about porn. Tonight we went Lazer tag and Dave and Buster’s. I won in Lazer tag and got myself 1102 tickets which I used to get my girlfriend something thoughtful that she’d like. I just got home and got on here and realized I was on day 3. Feels like I never even was addicted to porn. And to be honest for me personally the more I declare something to be what it is the more it becomes true. If I say I am an addict I will ultimately believe it but if I say I was and I am no more and never will I be then despite the falls and the stumblings I shall not and will not be a slave again to what kept me from living this precious life God has given me. I want more of these experiences but not much the experience as I want my heart in each one. That’s what makes a day worth looking back to. That’s what will make my future self reminence and remember good days and look forwards to more. In day 365, I will look back on day three with a smile. Should I trip on day 6 or 10 or even 325 - I will not let mistakes change the fact that Ive had sober days and I AM ALIVE amd SOBER and I CAN LIVE. My falls don’t define me. How I get up says it all!

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