Long story short, just black out

ive been im aa for 10 years
i collected a lot of 1 day coins because i never worked with my sponcers

i still get sick to my stomic thinking of cherry wiskey

on my 22nd bday i was gifted a birthday cake and cherry wiskey

when i got all tipsy i talked about al the shtuff i did with my gheto friends while my poor dad listened in the other room

my dad went to work

i continued to drink obssesivly quick

the last thing i remember…

i was laying in bed extreemly hung over with the spins. lmfao oh those tickalish spins
my brothers gf knocked on my door and said
“heyy mathew happy birth”
be4 she finished i projectile puked all over the place

the next morning my bday cake was destroid and my sister said i ate it with my hands.

long story short, blackout

i had to deal with things like that all the time

i know now i cant drink just 1
as a matter of fact i drink to blackout
i dont need to worry about those ticklish spins as long as i dont drink
i pretty much dont got to worry about anything if i dont drink. thats why i had to collect so many 1 day coins because my life was unmanagable

i have a great relationship with my family
a gf i love so much it gets people sick (i call her boo boo bunny lmao)

the damage that needs to be reparid starts with me sober


Absolutely!!! :blush:

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This! :+1: