Look no further than what the mirror reveals

Recently several people have asked me what alcohol wanted to drink and I replied that I do not drink. Their eyes got all big and they looked at their own drink and seemed a little bit sad or guilty. This is an example of someone making it all about themselves…

My abuse of alcohol for over 17 years was all about me also. My selfishness, my lack of personal responsibility, my lack of concern for how my overuse of alcohol negatively impacted others and ultimately my lack of my own self worth. I had ultimately accepted that alcohol might lead me to early grave as death and a personal legacy of addiction is the last rock botton anyone can really hit.

Looking back such a path is empty. Those who would rather I did not choose sobriety are also empty. I could right much about what caused me to drink or how I have some illness that somehow I am not personally responsible for. In the end though it was mine own decison to take things too far…

Sobriety is difficult. Its a black and white lifestyle that requires an uncompromising stand against alcohol. There are those who like the idea of not drinking or who just want an easy out of the negative consequences that addiction caused them. That is not sobriety though. I am capable of more than being some drunken loser. And that was exactly what my path was for so many years.

That is not to be though and alcohol is in my rearview mirror. Its only by the grace of God I even have the chance to be on the journey of sobriety and I am not looking back…


Wow. What a beautiful way to paint sobriety. You have to actively be sober 24/7 not when it serves you the best. That concept is new to me but I’m actively working to embrace it. Super proud of your journey.


I feel this too. It is such freedom after so many years being ruled by it…and not even realizing.

I love this. The black and white description resonates with me. That stark, simple image seems to pervade your message too- that the past is there with memories and a former self, and there is now with new memories and a sober self. This thinking is soothing, and I’m going to try to use it in my own thinking as I steer myself out of my hyper focus on the past.

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Hey! Thanks for your thoughtful and very well-written post. It helped me stay sober today!