Looking for a sponsor πŸ’–

3-5 years clean
Has dogs
Kind but blunt

I suggest hitting an in person 12 step meeting if you still can. Be the best place to find a sponsor. Also, I’d probably drop the dog requirement.


Dogs are life and I’m in sober living w no car thanks tho

Phone your local AA or NA service center. If they are having in person meetings they will also have people who can give you a ride. Or there’s always the ole 2 feet. When I was in my sober living house with no car I walked a lot.


Thank you!

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What state are you located in?

We have tons of sober living and in person meetings around here, I helped a few friends find a sponsor

How can you find a sponsor online you live in a town where there’s nobody around it’s like a boondocks

I dont know if you have facebook… but NA coffee lounge does 24 hour zoom meetings that could be a place for solutions