Looking for help and this seems great

Hello, I am in recovery and of course one of the major side effects is brutal insomnia as maybe some of you can relate too. Anyway I need help staying in track and this app/online community seems great! I’m so glad I found it! I have a very crazy story that unfolded a week ago and got me here detoxing at home. I hope you are all doing well and staying positive and above all sober and I will look forward to hopefully chatting with some of you. Have a great night!


Welcome aboard it’s a great community. Post as you need. I’ve been around for 7 months or so and been on this journey with some pretty amazing friends. And as bad as your story is don’t worry we all have been down some dark paths.

Ain’t that the truth lol. I appreciate your feedback and I am learning it to beat myself up so much about what I’ve done. Like you said we’ve all been to dark paths. So here’s what happened to me, I was just trying to sign up for a rehab facility which I selected but I was waiting to get my health insurance. I finally got health insurance but when I went to check in there was a problem with my insurance and they had no record of me in the system. I was looking forward to finally getting he help I needed and it all came crashing down around me and I was turned away. I was in a very fragile state and feeling down but I decided that life can be tough and sometime you gotta do things yourself. I had a rough week after that but now I am clean and working at it day by day.


It’s a battle! And a day is all I want! So far I’ve put 234 (or very close to) days together. But just for today I don’t need to drink! This will be one of the toughest things you will ever do but in time it will feel so great. And you are getting some good days racked up. Hang in there and stay strong.


Glad you are here with us @Caramellow! This is a wonderful place of acceptance and support. You will make many friends who will walk beside you on this journey. Stay strong and stay connected! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @Caramellow! This is a great place to come for support, advice and acceptance! Rack up those days and lean on us all! I use this place a lot for motivation and inspiration. We all got your back! Best wish on your journey forward!

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Echoing those before me, this is an individual journey that can’t be done alone. We all have experience to leverage from day 1 to several years of sobriety.

I might also add while this group is great for support and filling in time gaps, there is no replacement for ace to face fellowship. For many of us, it’s meetings, for others its religious fellowship. Doesn’t matter, but you must start building your “sober network” in your day to day activities. That will be pivotal to you avoiding those dark moments of temptation.

Wishing you the best! We all have your back!