Looking for local supportive friend in Kansas City


I’m looking for a supportive /motivation buddy to hang out with and keep me on a positive path.

I do have a couple of friends and a wonderful husband that I wouldn’t change for the world. However they stay pretty busy with their kids and relationship, therefore I don’t want to disturb family time.
I am trying something that I dont usually do, which is hanging out with new friends.

Here is my problem areas:
*Gambling: Caused me to work two job.
*Drug Usage: I prefer not to say exactly what I do just for my own security purpose, but will most definitely share with my support buddy persoanally.
*Drinking: Im not too bad in this area as I drink occasionally. HOWEVER when I start having too much fun, I need to learn when to stop especially when I have to drive.
*Weightloss/Health: Someone to keep me motivated! Tell/Ask me let’s go walking, shopping, keep me accountable for what and how I eat. Being more productive.

I know it seems that I’m asking for a lot but that’s the problems that I have. There is too much I want to accomplish, but need guidance or an angel on my shoulder to keep me on there right path.

I don’t have any kids which is why I am trying to enjoy my life to the fulliest, but believe I can do better.

Thank you for listening…