Losing again

This life is going to win…I can never seem to stop. I’m failing like at everything else.



Relapses happen. You have to get up, figure out why you lapsed and then take another shot at sobriety.

Just fell of as well, but getting back into it. You got this.

This too shall pass. I know you feel hopeless now. But it will eventually pass, you’ll get more energy, you’ll analyse your situation and you get back on the horse. Life is not constant and not fair. But you get another try and can do your best again. You deserve it.

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What have you tried to stay sober ? White knuckling it for me didn’t work, many other avenues didn’t work either, tried counseling,therapy,rehab etc. Now I’m in AA and it works for me , I go to meetings regularly, have a sponsor, working the steps and I do not drink.

Besides the fact I’m not drinking my life got better all around .

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What’s going on, Caitland? You can do it, you just haven’t found what’s gonna work for you yet. I read some of your old posts and Yoda posted a good response on your June 25th one.
It’s simple but very hard sometimes. Stick around, you have it in you~!