Lost a good friend for speaking truth 💔

Please don’t sugar coat anything or make any rude comments!!
I have known a very amazing male friend for 6 - 7 yrs when I was in my addiction, most of those yrs he didn’t know that I was intoxicated or very spun out since I looked normal, I finally told him the truth close to end of last yr to early of this yr. He has not ever experienced any drug use expect alcohol before I met him, when I was around he didn’t care to drink around me or offer any alcohol to me. Whenever my life was in danger he would be the one to call or if I ever need a safe man he was there, as I was at his mom’s I would sneak & use. Ever since I came out in truth our friendship has down spiraled; he is one of the safest male friends I have ever met, I am hurting deep down that I cry, wishing I didn’t come out with the truth & I hate myself for what I did to my true friend that I had in & out of my addiction. Please help me on what can I do to have him back in my life, I would truly appreciate your time!

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Sit down and write him a letter. Tell him how much he means to you, and that you care for him so deeply you wanted him to know the truth, so that there wouldn’t be any deception between you. Tell him that he has always made you feel safe, and you felt this safety could handle the truth.

Read what you’ve written. Put it down for a time, then come back to it and read it again. Rewrite anything that might confuse him. Make every word count.

Then send him the note, and give him time to consider it. My guess is he will want to continue the friendship.


Thank you!!! :sparkling_heart: I have been sitting here crying thinking how to go about it until I gotten your advice. I will start that during break tomorrow at lunch hour. This means a lot to me.