Lost again

Well I never really left, I just havent really been active . 785 days sober from alcohol which I still am tremendously proud of. But I havent really posted because I’ve been smoking weed again. To be honest, I’ve felt like a bit of a fraud and like I shouldn’t be posting advice.
I started off just smoking now and then. But now I’m a daily smoker again. My depression has come back (though not as bad as it was before) and my concentration is shit. I need to get my head back to where it was a year ago.
I’m quitting my job. I’ve enrolled in some courses but I’ve taken on too much . I need to do this right, so I’m just going to get a part time job and concentrate on my courses. And it’s in a subject that I love, that I know I can do and that I enjoy. Not Engineering or Catering (God, what was I thinking )
Its nice and very reassuring to see some old faces round here, I hope you’re all well.


well done on 785 ,but you have to stop weed if you can mind altering substance, wish you well

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Thanks, I know. Thought I could handle it. Part of me doesnt want to though. My willpower isn’t as strong as it was when I quit drinking. But at the same time I don’t want it to get to where I’ve ruined my life again in order to get to that point where I fully want to stop. This is where I struggle and why I drank for so long, I knew the whole time I needed to stop but there was always that part of me that didnt want to. It wasn’t until I had messed everything up that something clicked. How do you make yourself want something that badly?

@Chels2017 Maybe try an NA meeting they help, have a good day.
Sorry @Ray_M_C_Laren I know your have the monopoly on such recommendations. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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