Lost my kids

Lost my kids due to ODs, ODs due to drink, drink due to Mental illness.
Yet i keep drinking.
1 hour supervision visits with my girls.
How do i stop this cycle.

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You had some decent advice in your previous topic answering that question.
How have you been doing since ?
Trying meetings ?
Spoke to your doc ?
Looked for a rehab ?


This is how I stopped the cycle for me:

Came here, and lived on here

Anything that had to do with drinking was out of my life. I changed the people, places, and things.

I devoted 2 hours a day to reading and researching about alcoholism and addiction

Every second I wasnt working, I had planned out. Every chore that was neglected because I was to busy being a drunk got done. I taught myself new skills

That got me 89 days sober. I knew I couldnt go any further. So on Day 90, I protected my sobriety…and did the one thing I swore I would never do. I walked into an AA meeting.


I didnt lose my child but i came close…that was my turning point…my whole being chose to fight my mental health, my addiction in order to keep my child and never feel the fear of losing her again…it starts with small steps tho…throw yourself into any help you can get and work at it every day with the end goal in site to have yourself better and your children back, you can do this but you have to believe it, your girls need you just as much as you need them


I found I had to spend as much time working a program as I did drinking. I immersed myself into IOP, AA and this forum for multiple hours every single day. I live by the saying…“my recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t have to come last”.