Lovely sober sunday

So lately I haven’t been committed to my recovery 100%.
I didn’t get too wasted, but I haven’t been 100% sober either. But today I feel motivated to change. I’ve been cleaning, studying and overall doing good without even craving weed. And now I’m ready for a new week, I’ll be busy going to my classes in uni and I really hope to stay away from weed. Also on friday I’ll be going to my psychiatrist and I’ll be honest about my drug addiction and I’ll tell her that I need more help and support, until then I’ll try my best to stay sober.
Day 1 is almost over, I am really proud of myself for being productive, i hope to keep this up


Good of you to open up to your therapist! Accepting help is always a good thing! :+1:


So pleased your gonna speak to someone and get help and support. It’s always better to be honest with recovery. That’s when we can really start to heal and get better x

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