LSD + THC = all me?

So, i was sober allll the way up until college. Was ntroduced to weed there, loved it. Then i gave in to my unyielding, childhood urge to try psychedelics… ive always wanted to halluciante. so I got my 1st tab of LSD as a freshman and fell in love immediately. started doing it far more often than most people would or should…which i can say with the 100+ times ive done LSD i see no real harmful, permanent effects just yet. Long story short I ended up dabbling with uppers, downers, psychedelics, pharmaceuticals, etc. I’ve done cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, acid, smoked weed, and the list continues with pills. Financially…absolutely unacceptable and sickening when considering the money that went into these things and nothing to show for it. I had some of the most phenomenal experiences of my life on LSD and do not regret a single trip but I do regret the personal sense of needing to constantly abuse some sort of substance or modify my mood. Mood modification is my addiction. I just enjoy it so much. However…Life is good. Have a great girl. Have a job. No rough upbringing. No real suffering or pain causes my use. Im not always using as an escape. Behaviors like drug use and violence dont always come from environmental factors…my cravings are totally my own. I was the first in my family to cross the line from weed to other things…shared lsd with a cousin he loved it and we bonded several times with it. LSD has some very therapuetic properties if you use it right and concentrate on something. it did help me stop smoking for about 6 months when I had a trip concentrated on stopping smoking I threw out everything I had and poured everything down the toilet. So i use lsd now and then to help stay focused. Its cheap and i only do it now and then. My real goal is to give up marijuana until it becomes legalized or more practical to have on a daily basis where it does not prevent me from jobs. But its been a struggle for many years. I cannot even count how many times have given away all of my smoking pipes or marijuana as a dramatic means to stop and within a few months I have a whole new collection and dealer. So my goal right now is to take it one day at a time, baby steps, I tripped the other day while concentrating on not smoking and that was the last day that I’ve smoked it was 2 days ago so we will see how this goes. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Sounds like me when I was younger. I functioned at a very high level for a very long time, until I didn’t. While in active addiction I managed to graduate law school, pass the bar, land my dream job, bought a nice car, bought a house, found a great girl and had an awesome social life. Then it all came crashing down. I work up one day at 31 years old homeless, jobless, friendless, in debt and depressed to the point that I was suicidal. I was living in my car and parking in rest stops so the repo man didn’t find me. I was returning cans/bottles, writing bad checks and pawning stolen items to support my habit. I’ve been to rehab three times. I’ve alienated most of my family. And this all happened inside of two years.

I tell this story because I started with pot and lsd and booze. But I’m addict and eventually that stuff wasn’t enough. I hope you can learn from this, but if you don’t think this can happen I suggest you go find out and I will pray that you make it back.


This is a bit triggering (mood modification is my addiction too)… can we move it to seeking help?

I’m not sure it violates rules. But at the bottom of a thread there’s a place to mute the topic. It won’t show up in your feed. It does seem to glorify using so I see where it could be disturbing for you.

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It does glorify quite significantly, and says still using lsd which I thought was against rules but I know it’s a fine line. Don’t want to cause any trouble/conflict I just don’t want to see anyone else triggered. Thanks for the advice will mute :slight_smile:

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I concur. This is a bit troubling.

I know not everyone understands a proper story. But we should all agree they start with:

What it WAS like, then

What I did, and

What it is like now.

This is certainly not in the WAS category.

So the entire post is about LSD but your goal is to quit smoking weed because it prevents you from jobs…

Maybe you need a more honest assessment of what’s going on.

Don’t try to outsmart addiction man, it will always win.

But, according to your analysis, you need to quit smoking weed, so what’s your plan in doing this?

As someone who smoked weed all throughout college, I’d recommend replacing the time you normally used getting high with something more productive. It’s truly a win/win. I replaced smoking herb with getting a master’s lol. But any positive activity would suffice.

Good luck man.

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