Made a week!

Day 29 of my sobriety…and if feels good…almost a single month with no nrcotics,alcohol etc. I would be lying if I say it’s been busy but it was/has been worth it… By Dr best decision I’ve ever made. Without the support of my excellent addiction medicine doctor, the staff, whoever invented “Suboxone”;and God for helping me thru it all…

And I want to sincerely thank you guys because these blogs and posts, social interaction, just simply knowing your not the only one going thru addiction …Because what we know about ourselves already from the chats that the only person that can truly speak on addiction is to have gone thru it… Which I always try to express this to people…but at the end of the day none of us should be worried about what people say about us fighting/fought addiction but GOD is the only person that will judge you so take care of yourself first…Sobriety is the best answer for addiction treatment…keep praying for each other and comment back because you never know and tomorrow’s not promised…I love all 6ou guys for your support and motivation to help me make it a month clean may not seem like alot but it is if your coming from where I’ve been in the past…focused on nothing but God,my kid,my family and my money…good luck to everybody …

My question for today is…how may days did you guys go before you first relapsed? And if you’ve never endured a relapse coming out of your addiction what helped you fight the tempation and how?


Congratulation!!! It is a great time being sober. Unfortunately I relapsed after 124 days first time. But I also did 10 months. Anyway it was my fault, because I felt being strong and safe. Thats my individual challenge to take care every day, even after a long period of sobriety.
Take care and you will make it :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Well done! You should feel really proud yourself.

I played around with controlled drinking for a long time before coming to the realisation that I couldn’t drink safely.

Relapsed after 3 days, then 2 weeks, then 4 days. Now I’m on day 165 and feeling strong.

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Been going to AA for 32 years in a couple of weeks never relapesed yet wish you well

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