Made if through my 8th day clean

I am strong
I am life
I am in control
I can fight addiction
I am love
I trust my higher self



Woohoo!!! That was a big day for me because it was 1 day past a week. Don’t give up


That’s awesome. Just started from yesterday. I’m trying to quit smoking ( I don’t do weed or anything else) but I’m used to having some beers very alternate day. Yesterday was fine but today waves of urge has began to kick in.

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Tonight I feel so down. I wouldn’t mind a hit I just feel all of that negative self talk in my mind. I felt so crappy because I couldn’t get to a meeting tonight. But I guess being on here typing this out is better right?

I just wanna be free of negativity for once. One day I will.

The first day is always hard but trust me you can do it :heart:️:peace_symbol:️

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