Made it to 1 year no alcohol

I’m at a year and one month sober and thought made I’d share how it went.

During the first few months I spent more time away from people. Basically resetting my habits and trying to stay away from temptation. I also got into running. When I finished running, I didn’t even want alcohol. That helped a lot. Now I’ve finished 3 half marathons and a lot of other races.

I have way more energy now than I ever did while drinking. I can go to work on hardly any sleep and still function completely fine. I’ve also been able to keep a job which is obviously important.

Not everything has been perfect. My ex-girlfriend came back once I stopped drinking but after about a year we split again. I still am a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning my apartment and I still get grouchy from time to time.

Overall though I’d say not drinking was the best choice for me. The positives FAR outweigh the negatives and I’ve lost 37 pounds!

I guess I was sharing this to say that it can be done even though it’s EXTREMELY challenging the first couple months. Being able to pull this off may not happen the first time. I tried quitting 3 times and always went back after a month or so. The takeaway is to know that if you try to stop drinking and you end up going back, it’s ok. You can always try again. Just keep staying focused, find some non-drinking activities etc etc. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Sorry if this came off as rambling but I was just typing as I thought. Ha.


Great job!!!

Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring!

I had been sober for one year and one day too, but then i relapsed, had a whole bottle of prosecco dancing on my own in the kitchen to the Jam. I think that an alcoholic like me stays alcoholic forever. Even though i am now on my second day of sobriety again, yet i am a sober alcoholic.
I am feeling very nervous and jittery. Does it happen the same to you. I think my blood pressure is going a bit up… my belly is swallen and i can’t get myself to sleep, headaching. Feeling seek. Is this a kind of a withdrown?
I started to attend AA meetings in my area and i want to make it, but i feel i am very weak, and they only meet once a week. I didn’t go for the last three weeks cause i used again, a daily bottle of wine, not in the weekends, every day. Feeling very guilty and my self esteem is leaving me. May you please help me out there

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amazing work, keep it up, congrats on your milestone :slight_smile: :+1::confetti_ball::tada::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::cake:

Yeah you!!! Congrats!!

Congratulations, 1 year is AMAZING!!!

Very inspirational! Truly appreciate you sharing!

Dude congrats keep it going

Congrats! Thanks for sharing

Congratulations, that’s awesome!! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Absolutely fabulous Well done