Made to it day 20

This is the longest I’ve been sober in over a year. I’ve been on this app before and went back to drinking like I used to in 2017 and the same old things happened- doing things I regret, feeling physically awful the next day, messing with my bipolar medication. The past 20 days have been a struggle but I haven’t felt so accomplished, grounded, and productive in a long time. Good luck to everyone this weekend and don’t forget to treat yourself with healthy things❤️


Proud of you. How u gonna treat yo self? (-:

Congratulations and keep going! :tada::+1:

Congrats on your 20 days. One day at a time!

Not drinking with you today

Cheers! (holding up a cuppa hot coffee)

Yea you’ve done it! 20 days is 20 days. By the time I got to 30 I was over the major trauma of quitting. 20 days is stupendous!!! Keep it up!