Main Screen counter?

Is there a way to make my cell phones home screen show my “sober time” time counter?

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Oh…good question!! Somehow I doubt that Sober Time can do that but maybe there are other counter apps that could be used in this manner…not necessarily a sobriety counter. I’m sure people want this for counting down to events (vacation, wedding, etc) maybe there is one that also counts up.

I have it, but as I remember you have to pay some extra for that.

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It’s a in app purchase as you see.

That’s what I thought. I paid the extra $$$, but now I cant figure out how to change my home screen.

I cant find the widget.

You have to find that in your phone. You have to put your finger on free space at your homescreen. Then you get a widget pop up I think. It’s big, so you need a big spot.


And if you tap the tiny gear icon you can tweak it. Also make it transparent. :+1:


Aha! Didn’t knew that! :+1:


Thank you so much! I’ve now got it on my homescreen.

For anyone else wondering:

It’s a standard Android widget. Here’s how to set a widget up:

  1.    Long press any open space on your home screen
  2.    Select “Widgets”
  3.    Scroll down to the widget you want to place, in this case Sober Time.
  4.    Long press the widget and you’ll be able to drag it onto your home screen

You can also resize the widget by long pressing it and dragging the edges after it’s been placed. Tapping the gear button will let you customize it further :slight_smile: