Majoooooor NEWS!

So as you guys know by now I’m almost 3 weeks clean come the 28th of this month. Well, last week I went to the doctor and the scale was 277 right? Sooooo I went back TODAAAY and it was 272!!! I HAVE DROP 5 POUNDS IN A WEEK JUST BY NOT DRINKING AND STICKING TO MY DIET! Y’all? This really got me hyped! I’m so ready to see how I’ll look at 30 days. Thank you all for your distance support! I swear you guys ARE THE BEST!!!


Heck to the yeah, congrats :partying_face: keep going girl, you rock. Sometimes I’m extremely hard on myself and don’t think I notice a difference, today I went to the corner store quick and I seen this guy I know walking, I said what’s up man. he goes holy fuck you got skinny guy, made me laugh in my mind bc sometimes I don’t notice it.



Keep at it, 2020 has been a bit of a shitshow, but it can still be your best year if you want it to be.


That’s awesome! Look at you getting it done!


Heck yeah!!! Keep up the good work and good job on the weight loss🙌


@Mike_Lamica :joy: we see ourselves everyday so it’ll take someone else to give us a update check :joy::joy:

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@CaptAZ copy that!!!

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@MoCatt right!!! I’m all in, I’m to far to turn back

Thank you so much beautiful!!

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Well done!

That’s good news Marquanita and sooooo motivating for you!! Well done lady! :facepunch:

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Congrats Markie! Keep at it, it gets better than you can imagine. I’m down 80 lbs in about 6.5 months.

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That’s amazing !! I’ve lost a lot. Almost at goal and my sobriety is to thank for it all

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3 weeks is amazing!!! Keep at it!!!
Isn’t it amazing what not drinking and diet can do for weight!!

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Congratulations! Keep going, and I can tell you, that, the GIFTS OF RECOVERY JUST KEEP ON GIVING! Losing weight is but a TIP, on the iceberg! There’s MUCH, MUCH, MORE, TO COME! :innocent:

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