Making amends for my past

I started making an amends this week to my family for everything I’ve done to them in my addiction. In my addiction I’ve stolen a lot from the ones I love the most and means the most to me and helped me the most. But I chose to make an amends by helping try to save property of my grandfather’s that he worked his whole life for in order to give to his kids and family. He’s in nursing home now at 95 years old he didn’t have long term care insurance before going into the home so after he runs out of money he’s saved all these years the state could force the family to sell everything not connected to the property with his home on it. My mother who is the power of attorney thought it was to late to get the insurance since his age and already being in the home. Come to find out I did the research and found that it’s not too late since he is a veteran. So the thing that ment the most to him in life which was passing his land and everything he worked so hard to get down to his kids and family I was able to help save. Which means a lot more to him than the money I’ve taken from him and its kinda a group amends since it involves everyone in the family. Now the decision hasn’t been officiallized yet but my mother said it looks promising even if it don’t work I’ve made the effort that nobody else did so I feel better. I even told her I don’t care if I get anything out of it because of my past that I’m doing this because it’s more important to him than anything I’ve done wrong and is the only way I could ever make up for the things I’ve stolen. So even if it don’t work I tried my hardest and that’s all he would have wanted was someone to try even if all was thought lost. I’ve e been sober off the meth now for almost 7 months and everyone sees the change in me I would have never done this in my active addiction and if I would have it would have been for the wrong reasons I’m happy and proud of myself for this and I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders by doing this. It’s something I’ve held against myself for doing for all these years and now I can let go of what I did in my past and know I did something more important than anything I did wrong.


That’s a nice step Brandon, glad to hear it :innocent: