Making dopamine

WOW! Gym this morning for the 1st time in 5 years. I did 2 miles on treadmill and 4 miles on stationary bike. My legs feel like rubber now, probably overdid it but also feels great. :nerd_face:


I wish! Go girl! My physical body can’t do it’s absolutely phenomenal you did

Remember to stretch before and after. Very important and relaxing at the same time. Try to do what yah did every other day. That’ll give your legs to rest. You can work on another part of the body. The ol switcharoo ^.^

Congrats!! No better feeling than getting that dopamine pumping in the gym

Oh my, that’s a lot for the first time out in 5 years! A warm soak in epsom salts will be your friend.

As mentioned, stretching is fantastic and helpful. Drink lots of fluids as well.

Love working out!! And good for you for getting it done!!!


That’s so amazing. Well done you xxx

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Well done you, bet you feel amazing :star_struck:

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I forgot to stretch but hopefully my gabapentin will help since it relaxes the muscles.

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