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I wanted a place where I can share some of the soul work I’m doing in hopes it may help others along the way. Some of it may be a bit out there or not your thing and that’s cool. The topics that will likely be covered are very wide ranged and random. But this is what works for me personally! :heart:


This morning’s thought: rsz_recovery_is_worth_it_




So far, this is right up my alley! Thanks!


Oh I’m sure at least some of it will be, we seem to have some of the same teachers as I’ve noticed in some of your posts! :heart:


You actually inspired me to open this gem back up last night so thank you for that!


You’re welcome! But I won’t take it personally…


I love this. I remember sobbing to the only sober friend I had when I was just a couple of days out from my last drink. I told him that I had no idea who I was sober. He replied, “You will find that you are exactly who you were supposed to be before everything got fucked up.”

I think that’s true.:heart:


I think your friend is very wise! :heart:





That is so perfect. I’m writing it in my journal now!


I absolutely love it. I have had a lot of realizations lately and this is one of them! I used to be very comfortable with myself and who I was a long time ago and I have recently remembered this. Over the years I’ve been stripped down, told what was “acceptable” based on someone else’s insecure opinions that were forced down my throat and beat into my psyche for many years. I didn’t realize until very recently how damaged I actually have been a very long time. Time to unfuck myself and shine baby shine!


Because you are my positive vibe!!! :heart:


This is Russell Brand, isn’t it?


Goddamnit, I love you!


Nice! Looking forward to your post and wisdom! :blush: @MandiH


Thanks for always being my cheerleader! :heart: (And artist!!)


Goddammit, I love you too! :hugs: