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This one I’m replying to you may have posted for @Lauren7284.


That reminds me of a fellow I met in rehab. He said, “if life was fair, I’d be dead already.” :smirk: Now I know where he got that…


It’s still burning up hot in AL. The past few days I’ve watched some leaves fall. Your post about 41 degrees gives me hope the season will change lol. Stores are selling mums. I’m already seeing Christmas decorations in stores. Meanwhile, I was sweating through my clothes at a cross country meet, while standing in place, yesterday. I wasnt a runner heh. Send me chilly, crisp weather. Kthx!


Stores are selling mothers? WTF ???


Chrysanthemums lol


Are you talking about these?


Yeppers … around here most people buy yellow ones


ok…We call them Krysanteemi in here…but it was kinda easy to guess without google translate…:wink:

Edit; I’m not a flower guy…don’t know anything about them…but from the pictures I googled while getting the reference picture it was in all kinda colours…so I suppose we have many coloured ones as well






So I’ve been thinking about this tonight and said hmmm… where should I share this? Where else but my own thread! Lol.

I go visit my gramma at least every Thursday night. Often more than that but these are our nights together with no one else. My grampa died in January at 93, my Gramma is 91 and lives totally on her own still. She still drives!!! Like, this woman is absolutely amazing and the memory on her is nuts. I really need to start recording our conversations.

Anyway, tonight we were talking about my Grampa and what they did after they retired as it just randomly came up in conversation. She was 75 when she retired, she said it took her 10 years to get used to it. He retired at 62 but always worked after. We talked about his schedules and his hours and I couldn’t help but laugh when she talked about how he was the only one she ever knew that got up at 5 or 6 am willingly, every day working or not. That’s where I get it from! My demeanor is a cross between him and my mom. I never heard him sing until he was in his 80s but man, he could carry a beautiful tune. I think I got the ability to hold a note from him too. He liked to be tidy, no one else got that gene but me. He loved photography and had beautiful penmanship. He was caring and gentle, he helped others more than he probably should have and he always made sure no one was left out. It’s really amazing to me how similar we actually are, I hadn’t really noticed and put all those pieces together before tonight.

My gramma and I are as close as you can be with your grandparents, Grampa and I talked while I was there but it was really increasingly more difficult with his Alzheimer’s the last 10-15 years. I always knew from how much time we spent together that she and I shared a few traits but I really didnt realize how many more I shared with him until tonight when I pieced it all together. Pretty neat stuff! I always say you cant change genetics, literally this is the 4th time this week I’m saying it again!

Feeling blessed to have the genes I do tonight, for sure. :heart: Love these two beautiful souls!



This is my all time fav. Found it through a guy on Instagram and love it since.


That is beautiful, @MandiH. I’m glad your grandparents are such spectacular, loving people and grateful they passed so much of that onto you!


I’m getting my head ready for a 10k race this morning, and THIS IS IT! Thanks for sharing, I wish they had an awesome button!


Good luck on your race today! I know you’ve been training hard, you are going to ROCK it!!


Thank you! I finished and not last. A couple minutes off my best time, but a finish is a win. Kind of like making it to sleep sober for another day :grin:


What was the race?


10 K on a flat course in moderate north wind and 55° F. That’ll motivate you to get to the finish line where there is warmth!


Cool…what pace are you doing ten K? and Are you in Strava?