Mandi's Positive (and random/interesting) Vibes


I’m not in Strava yet, I keep my own statistics and I use MapMyRide for route planning. My best time two years ago was 54:30, today I was at 58:28.


Great time. I recently did my first ten K race and my time was 59,04 :slight_smile:


That’s your personal record, now get after it and make it fall! Good luck!


I’m training for half marathon next summer…yesterday I ran ten miles in 1.39. I think at ten K I was at 1.01 or so…so if I was only doing ten K I could have killed it for sure :wink: that’s not my goal anymore though…new goal is to do ten miles in 1.30


Good on you for moving up to that distance. 10k is all my knees can take on a run!


Found this kinda interesting personally!









Hear hear.



Love this and me too!





Noone saves the day, it’s noone else’s fault, if you’re a day late or a dollar short…


Only you have the power to make it better! :grin: Like I told a buddy of mine today, you are the ONLY person you are guaranteed to live the rest of your life with, no white in shining armour will ever truly save you or make you happy. You have to be happy from within!