Mandi's Positive (and random/interesting) Vibes


I wasn’t a fan of the editing on this but great messages!


Sitting in my house last night in the quiet, I felt SO euphoric and peaceful. I had this moment of clarity where I started thinking about how to attain that same level of happiness, even within all the chaos that surrounds me. I have pondered on this thought a lot today.

What I keep coming back to is this: I think it’s time to let go of all of my expectations of others as well as the chaos of everything else around me to try to find that peace within myself. Really letting go is going to be a big hurdle with all the daily anger and resentments I have, but really, it’s got to go. I’m the one suffering the consequences of it and will continue to if I keep doing what I am right now. Nothing good is coming from this stuck and miserable feeling place but I’m the only one that can change it. I think it’s time to solely focus inward, try to let go of the oars and just see where life takes me and what’s left in my life at the end!






I second that.








Really love this one


Me too. I understand this one more every day!


When I was walking home today, I had something related pop into my head. Don’t know if I heard it somewhere or if it was just a realization.

“You don’t have to understand why you are valuable - just that it is so.”


I LOVE when random things like that pop in my head when things are quiet enough for me to hear it! Love the message you got! :heart:


I was leaving a counselling appointment where we discussed my issues around self worth and such. I love when that happens too - inside I was like “I dunno if that was random or a gift from the God I believe in, but I needed to hear that right now!”


Amazing when it happens, isn’t it?!? Love it!! That message was certainly meant to found it’s way to you at a time when you were receptive ro hear it. Listen to that voice, it won’t steer you wrong! :heart:


This put me at ease just thinking about what it feels like to lay back in a boat and drift. I want that peace. I am just beginning to learn how to make it happen.