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Follow your sock?
And how can we be sure the sock knows the way?.. It’s always losing its other half so can it really be trusted?


How do you know the sock isn’t just in it’s new better place, waiting for the other one to catch up? Could be the dest decision ever to listen to the sock!




Sorry to crash on your thread @MandiH, but caught this quote, and couldn’t find anywhere else to share it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said - “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”


This seemed to fit here, in keeping with your positive vibes





This one gets me thinking about fear turned outward is anger, acceptance turned outward is tolerance, maybe empathy. The, maybe not opposite, maybe closer to antidote or cure for my anger is to return to the trust. All is well and all shall be well. I am the divine and you are the divine and the divine is in us and throughout us. Everything’s gonna be alright. Just different from what I expected.






This is something I’ve struggled with. I’ve been really turning my light on again and where I struggle is the unwanted attention. People see that light shining and they are drawn to it, in some instances it’s welcome. In many others, it’s not. That’s where I always trip myself up and it’s already begun. Guess it’s time for me to work through that I suppose!


Remembers me to my last collegue. She saw the power / light in me and because of that she bullied me. She was so afraid that I could be “better” somehow. Unwanted attention…that was so awful :confounded:
Now I know my worth and that I am good in my job :muscle::heart:


Ugh, yup that happens and I’m sorry it happened to you. I’m more on other spectrums because I don’t get bullied due to my stature, but I’ve had stalkers and any attention called to me used to cause major issues with my ex. I’ve become extremely shy about really lots of things over the years because of that. Weak people often look to disable to strong ones and put them more on their level. But we aren’t meant for that! I just want to be me without any attention for it if that makes any sense lol.