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ImI’m totally going to do this! Today will be day 1


I’m in. Snatchdoodle


Haha, I actively now have 5 journals going!
I’m ditching one however, my calendar wasn’t big enough to fit much in. One is for random notes of things I want to remember as I learn things before bed, random quotes or to write things down as I wake up at night. One is for primarily energy/reiki/healing work. One is online for whatever I feel at that moment and want to get out or process. And now this one is to get back into writing daily-this is where I tend to connect best with myself. I have a lot things I wanted to hit on so I got them all basically into the first entry to keep it all in the forefront of my mind. It’s a little personal but I am sharing anyway just to show how I set mine up-mine isn’t all recovery based, I’m really focused on healing all aspects of my life so I have a lot of info going into it so I can see progress, patterns, etc. Seems to be a decent tool to learn how to get better at getting better for me!


Different color pens even! That’s professional. My journal is plain-Jane black ink, maybe I should branch out.


Today I rotated the colors I could find. I’ll always change it up when I write depending on what I have handy that day! But I do like pretty colored ink when given the choice. :blush:



I find this one SO true!


I love his explanation of the 12 Steps. Helped a lot when I was doing my 4th!



Yes!!! This!!! images%20(11)


Yes! I love this. May I join you?


Of course!!! I like it, it gets me thinking more about different things



Love it!!!


Hi Mandy. I love your thread. You are wonderful. Thanks for reaching out for me the other day. You are my inspiration :kissing_heart:


Oooh…Mandi the bringer of light. I like it. :wink:


Ooh, me too! :hugs:


You do realise what the reference is there?


Well, you could be into world of Warcraft, game of thrones or calling me Lucifer lol.


Not into gaming or hobbits…so it must be the latter option :wink: but I’m sure you knew that already and liked it anyway