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There’s a guy at my thursday meetings who always talks about how when a child is born, it’s pure of thought…then with time develops into something…not a single own thought in his/her mind…every thought gotten from envoroment etc…and if we could just let go of our ego we’d get back to the pure state of being…like a childs mind…pure and true…


I’ve heard this as well. It’s a concept I get but it’s funny to wrap my head around. I get pieces of it, very much so, but some of that knowledge is good!


Right now I’m quite happy just being as I am…so no need to change that…


We need all the positive energy we can get Mandi. Thank you for starting this thread​:blush::raised_hands:t2:



My apps showed me these today and I really liked them :hugs:


I’ve always loved the little sayings on this app! Yay for your double digits!


Aren’t they the best? Sometimes it’s just what I need to read! :hugs:


The happiness one is my favorite. Something along the lines of happiness isn’t something you wish for, it’s something you create! I’m working on that so it always speaks to me and reminds me of that when I need it.


I am working on that as well, so I’m always looking for happiness quotes or sayings





Cool saying


I loved it, glad you liked it! :slight_smile:


This sounds like Winnie the Pooh, who has a very place in our household and hearts. Thank you for sharing it! :pray:


Agree…unfuck ourselves!! Lol


Congrats on your double digits!!! One of my favorite sayings my app gives:
“You can do this”
So simple, but everytime I see it I tell myself “Yes, yes you can” lol


I really like that one as well! It reminds me to stay on track without being overwhelming


How are you doing @beyondmythoughts?