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You’re doing the toughest part right now! I’m just on cruise control, lol Devote this next year to you. Be selfish in your recovery. The more honest you are with yourself now, the better your odds at long-term recovery. There are million’s of young women out there right now sitting on a bar stool, or in a jail cell…Wishing they were you! Look how fortunate you are! Don’t give up your sobriety for anything :heart:


I really like that, thank you! Sometimes it’s challenging to put your needs first, but I needed to hear this today, thank you! :heart:


This saying is one of my faves too. Getting clean seemed impossible those first few days. The more days I get behind me the more I realize I can do this. Each day we get better is another day won!!



For all you amazing, strong ladies :muscle:





Sometimes we forget that we need to stay humble.


This my sobriety in a nutshell :peanuts:

Being humble, grateful and reining in my ego daily are so key. I am not special, I do not deserve to win the lottery over another, for finally doing the right thing. I’m just grateful for the opportunity alone… to finally do the right thing.

Thank God life isn’t fair! By all rights I should be dead or in jail for my crimes. There’s no difference between me and someone sitting in prison right now for involuntary man slaughter… except my ‘mailbox’ was their ‘person’.

I am very aware I’m living on borrowed time… and lovin’ it!! It’s as close to a near-death experience as I ever want to be. Every morning I wake up…I can’t believe I’m still here! I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, to have another sober day.

Today I don’t have room for score keeping, judging, envy or boasting. The grass is never greener (including mine) :hugs:

P.S… What the heck is the name of your book, I want to order one today



I don’t have it but I’m in a FB group where someone shares the Oone day at a time daily text and this one…


That is awesome. Thank you for sharing that. I’m going to get that book it seems really helpful.


Got some stones from my oldest. She gave me 1 for each of them. I had them say a prayer with theirs. Gonna be carrying these bad boys errywhere


Been a favorite of mine for quite some time


Again a good text for the day…and a lot of people have been talking about this in here…So I thought I’dd add…








Since this is my thread, I wanted to share a story today.

I have been having a really off week since getting home from camp. Physically I’ve been ill and mentally I have been struggling as well. I spent almost 3 entire days down and in bed. I had told a dear friend what had been on my mind and I was told to, “live your life to your own terms. Be happy and the rest will follow!”. I meditated in this for an hour this morning and found such strength in these words. It was something I had heard many times before but the light bulb went off today! That’s a big part of what I’ve been missing and I continued on to do my soul work for the next several hours.

In the middle of doing that work today, I had a great conversation with an old friend of mine. We met when we were probably 14 or so and haven’t spoken in about 10 years. We were always good friends and last talked while he was enlisted in the military and had just come home from deployment. He was a bit of a mess, understandably and my ex was a psycho who hated me even talking to women, including my own family. So, naturally, I “wasn’t allowed” to visit him when he got home and check in on him. He found me again via some mutual friends this week and so I said hello and asked how he had been. He said surviving and asked about me. I quickly filled him in on life and the changes its brought including becoming an alcoholic and getting sober within a few sentences. He is really the first person I’ve talked to about this outside of my closest friends and immediate family except for my newfound sober family. It felt really good to talk about it, it opened the door to all kinds of good, real life conversations besides the normal “I’m good” bullshit! I have remembered today, this is who I am, this is what I do! It feels good to be authentically connecting with people again and being open and vulnerable. Those conversations are the ones that really matter in life. I’ve done a lot of soul work all day today and I’m glad this was part of it! And to think it all started with one sentence this morning. Live your life to your own terms. Thanks for that my friend! :heart: