Mandi's Positive (and random/interesting) Vibes


Thank you for sharing this MandiH. It’s a great reminder and also inspiring :grinning:


I’ve done a lot of soul work

And you, my friend, have a beautiful one :heart:


One of today’s lessons


It’s kind of funny, I spent a long long time yesterday (about 11 hours) doing soul work. I did a few more hours this morning. Between yesterday and today I have noticed that every interaction I’ve had with the outside world in person was conversations where I’m listening to complaining about all we have going wrong & what we are angry and none about what’s gone right. It has been an interesting observation anyway. And very humbling because I know I’m also guilty of doing this at times lately! Interesting what you see when your eyes are opened and things start to click. You notice things you hadn’t before. Really cool! That’s where change takes place.


It looks like you tuned your tinfoilhat to the right frequency :wink: It’s a great place being able to observe the world and human behaviour and reflect your own…:wink: now all I need is a pic of the hat…





Ooh, I LOVE this! Yes!!


I LOVE you!

I like the littel fishes ! Are you an aquaholic too?




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I believe Bhuda said…" Don’t be a shmuck!"
I could be wrong :thinking:


Thank u for this

Its been my motto since day 1


It took me a long time to hear the words that clicked. Once I did and really started living by them, I felt a huge shift in myself! :heart: It has made all the difference in the world!








Love this thread! Thank you for all the positive words, thoughts & vibes!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️