Manic episodes

So I have a problem. It’s 330am I work at 8am and I woke up at 9pm. I slept for 2hrs and I’m wired

I think I’m manic again.

I was previously diagnosed with bipolar a few years back but my psychiatrist put me on ssris cause I haven’t had an episode in a long time. But now I’m going fast.

I’ve made a painting done the laundry tidied up and its only been a few hours. Hopefully I don’t hallucinate this time. Those suck. I’m gonna need to call my doctor huh. Get my meds adjusted again. Fuck

Also I super wanna drink but itsa bad Idea cause last time I drank it hurt and I don’t wanna hurt. I’m not high rn cause drugs, this is just what my brain does sometimes.

Glad I have a few days off after today tho. That’ll be nice. Just gotta get through today I guess


You can do it . Stay strong :muscle:

Once you get through today you may want to see a different psych doc & discuss mood stabilizers. I’ve seen mania have a hand in many relapses and lots of other unhealthy decisions over the years. Hugs to ya & feeling better.

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