Oh god I wasn’t trying to say that’s his only issue! I was more trying to say you don’t need to feel bad for being manipulated.

Definitely block him and I agree with @Pants that a knife might bring more problems than it solves. Mace sounds like a good idea though and @Yoda-Stevie and @C-sun will have creative self defence suggestions, should you feel you need them.

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Yeah a knife might be a bad idea not least the fact that you would be done for the greater crime I would imagine. Mace is self defense. The other thing is if you have a weapon it’s best to actually know how to use it to effect. Otherwise you’re just asking for more trouble. Do you wear high heels? Do you carry a handbag?

Someone in my town was killed with a high heel a few years ago, those things are dangerous :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exactly, but it would be more likely seen as self defense. Rather than having a knife. That shows intent. I’m no lawyer of course.

Exactly. If you have a knife there’s a chance of using it. Our prisons are full of people caught carrying knifes :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you train with a knife, it is a poor choice for self-defense, and the psychology involved in actually cutting or stabbing someone in self-defense is beyond most people. Lastly, a knife is a contact weapon, which means you must be able to touch your attacker, in order to use it, which means you are also in range for your attacker to touch you.

I like pepper spray as a the tool anyone can use, as it takes little to no training. It is also a distance tool, allowing you to stay outside of contact range. It is effective: I have been sprayed a couple of times in training, and it works quite well. Lastly, use of it doesn’t constitute deadly force in most jurisdictions, nor does the possession of it constitute being armed with a weapon.


After being attacked at both knife and gunpoint before I will feel safest carrying both a knife and mase. People in my life knowing these situations have suggested to me multiple times that I should own a gun, but I’ve never been a fan so this is the lesser evil.
Sorry but you can’t talk me out it.
Plus it has multi uses and I like to go camping :slight_smile:

I think we were just extra worried what with all the knife crime here in the UK recently. It is of course up to you what you carry, I just hope that you don’t get put in a situation where you need either.
What are the actual laws in the US regarding carrying a knife if you don’t mind me asking. We can just about get away with carrying a Swiss army knife over here.
How are you doing today, had this guy been trying to contact you​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

When I teach self-defense classes I make it a point to tell people that if you carry a weapon you must know how to use that weapon. If you do not then it is potentially more dangerous for yourself than not having it. For instance the knife will be taken and used against you.

In regards to sprays they can work but if it is a confined area you will also be affected.

Just pointing out some things to think about. Weapons have their place as tools in defense. Im not trying to convince anyone to carry them or not.


I think you can carry a lot of different knives in the US, it’s more about knowing how to use one effectively if someone is attacking you and really trying to hurt you. Unless you like fighting up close and getting blood all over you, and being willing to really stab/slash someone, I’d recommend sticking to something that will give you a bit more range and is easier to use.

The mace that Stevie recommended brought him to his knees when he had it tested on him so I would think that that would bring pretty much anybody down :slightly_smiling_face: