Many feelings

30 mins. I can quit ive done it before but i just dont know if i want to this time or if i just want it to destory my life

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You want to.You are reaching out here and posting this.
If theres any question you have feel free to ask or if you want to vent we are here for you too

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Noone ever wants alcohol or drugs to destroy there life! It just happens… like said before, you are asking for help so theres more of you that wants help. You can feel both, but as long as 51% of you wants help, and 49% doesnt, youre ahead of the game… You can do this one day at a time. One hour or minute at a time… if you need any further help, keep reaching out. Maybe even try a AA/NA meeting. Or try some motivational videos. Distraction was big for me in order to quit whatever your vice may be. You can do this!


I like the high and i know i should stop and i have before i just dont know if im ready to quit again

And drugs qre an easiers out sometimes