Many what ifs

So many what id’s in my life. What if I wasn’t having mental health issues. What if I wasn’t an alcoholic. What if I were a better wife. What if I had higher self confidence. Too many…

What if you were happy with where you are today? You can be. @anon59060877 says it perfectly, it’s okay to look back at the past as long as you don’t stare. Becoming morose on the what ifs happens to many of us. We can also get too far ahead of ourselves and start making grand plans, with extreme expectations. The best place to be is in the present. Doing what you can to better your current situation. Good decisions right now lead to the better future. Good decisions right now are based upon our experience/learning from the past.

Keep present, the what ifs are like rabbits and they will quickly overwhelm you.


Sometimes I feel like i can’t even breath when doing the what if s. I was truly in love with my ex but he had to put up with too much shit with me. Divorced after 20 years. WHAT IF?

Forgiveness? I don’t know if I can. There’s just too much shit to forgive.
I want to move on but some how it seems so far away. Does that make any sense?
I just can’t stand this anymore. I’m afraid I’m going to drink just to escape.
God help me.