Me and nothing to work towards

Living with having anxiety plus depression and medicating with alcohol has ruined my whole life. I’ve come to terms with it and finally started to get help the other day. 4 days sober and 3 days on meds now. I have counseling and another drs appt in 2 weeks. I can’t do anything other than sit on the couch with the world going around me. My heart feels like it is being crushed with sadness. I don’t want to do anything. I can’t talk to the girl I love anymore because I pushed her away with my mood swings. I just want to see what my future will be like. I don’t have friends and family as I have pushed them away too. I am alone. Nobody for support. When will it get better?

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Sorry you are having a tough time! Im just starting another attempt at sobriety and make anxiety is sky high. You arent alone! Look how many people use this app!

It’s up to you if things will get better. I’m telling myself this same thing. I get so depressed that I stop talking to people. You find out who your real friends are. The people throughout this forum have been great, full of advice and seem to truly care. They see a certain part of what you’re going through and can relate to it. I can visualize things getting better. You can visualize that too. It’s ups and downs and quite exhausting if you overthink anything. Keep it simple.

I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I’m glad you came to the forum. We are all one big friendly family so if you ever need to talk to someone just message anyone.
Stay strong, you will only come out of this stronger than before. One day at a time my friend.

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Nice, you are 5 days away from 200!!

@Nlfawcett I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. People at my meetings kept saying it would get better and I thought they were full of shit. Well I’ll be damned, it really has gotten 1000 times better. I’m only day 55, but the first 3 days…well week really, was definitely the toughest. Take care of yourself and don’t drink! Come here for support. You got this!

I know the feeling of being left alone without my favourite escape route; alcohol.
Whenever I panic I pray.
Even me, who don’t consider myself a religious guy, find so much comfort in prayer. And if you don’t want to pray for yourself, then pray for someone else. I guess we all could need it. Hang in there!
Good luck.