Medication and sobriety

I was talking to a very dear friend about my sobriety journey and we started talking about why I drank in the first place. I told him about how I’ve always struggled with anxiety, which is a huge part of the reason I began drinking. The only way to quiet my mind or sleep through the night was to drink. Therefore, one of my goals is to finally seek treatment for this. It’s crazy that I have a degree in psychology and offer help and support to people with mental illnesses without actually getting help myself right? He then went on to tell me that “everyone deals with anxiety” and I’m not sober if I start taking “drugs” (aka. Medication). I thought perhaps he said that out of concern that I would abuse them, but nope, even if I take them as prescribed, I guess I’m “not sober”. I know he’s wrong but my feelings are hurt and I’m not sure how to respond to him. I was just wondering if anyone had similiar experiences and how you dealt with them?


I have honestly wondered the same thing. I’m on a med that helps with anxiety and depression and I take as I’m suppose to. I am sober cause they aren’t being abused. Sorry your feelings were hurt but if they aren’t being abused and your under the care of a Dr I say your sober.


Your a :100: percent sober don’t let ones persons personal view take you off course,you own that you have made the effort took the leap of faith and got sober it’s now just working recovery and take an antidepressant doesn’t make you a druggie it makes you a person that’s willing to do whatever it takes to help your mental health,I hope you get to get some support for this you deserve and much more :heart::rainbow:


I have a bach in psychology too, and this is probably one of the reasons i never registered myself in the medical field. I get a lot of advice from friends and family (none who are sober but have addiction and mental health issues in their family) about what i should and shouldnt do, i just gp “oh ok cool thank you ill let my Dr know”.

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I am prescribed not only anti anxiety meds but I also take prescription pain meds. I’ve had people question my sobriety my whole just about 3 years.
I ignore them because I know what my sobriety looks like.


I took Paxil my first year of recovery, as I had taken it off and on for a decade. It helped my anxiety, and was non narcotic. I did make the decision to stop taking it, and slowly weened myself off. I still experienced withdrawal symptoms for at least 4 months. Then I began a new phase of my recovery from anxiety, and still battle it from time to time. It is a personal choice, and I would always consult a Dr.

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Before I ever started drinking i took daily medication to help w depression and anxiety. I didn’t even realize it was helping until a situation happened and I was able to handle it without completely breaking down. It changed my life. I was completely sober. There’s no reason a person should have to mentally struggle everyday just to say they’re “sober”. People take otc meds to help w physical pain, doesn’t mean they weren’t sober, some ppl dont believe in doing that even. Just my opinion.

Hi there. I take medication daily to help me with chronic anxiety and depression. I will need to be on this medication for the rest of my life, and I am ok with this.

Sobriety to me means having a clear mind, healthy outlook, healthy coping skills, and a sense of peace whilst living an imperfect life on an imperfect earth.

Achieving and maintaining my sobriety requires a full toolkit, including meetings, meditation, medication, proper sleep, helping others, etc.

We are not just “one thing”. We are complex human beings. You can define what makes up sobriety for you, and please use the entire toolkit available to you, that works best for you.