Meditation for Serenity - 2022 (tips, tricks & discussion)

Before my massage. :pray:t2:

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Last nights meditation. Trying to remember to meditate again.


Morning affirmations while I wait for the kettle to boil. Heading down to the beach for the sunrise.


Now off to Pilates


I had the worst chaotic restaurant nightmares after 4:30 am. I always use to have these nightmares. I couldn’t understand why? This morning? I couldn’t shake it. Everything kinda went wrong feeding the pets this morning and I was pretty shook up. After my coffee I sat down to the best 12 minutes EVER with this meditation. Wow :hushed: Everything about this meditation was so perfect. I even made a donation.

Let’s calmly and gently bring on the day. Gently :pray:t2: